The loss of a valued Metro employee and friend - A testimonial to the life of Leon Williams

August 20, 1946 - June 29, 2012

"Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth." Matthew 5:5

By every standard, Leon Williams was the kind of person we should all aspire to be. A gentleman of high character, of strong conviction, and of unconditional love.

Leon led a life of loyal service for those in need while expecting nothing in return. He never judged others, smiling while he listened to their problems, yet keeping his own circumstances to himself. He never compromised his values for the betterment of himself or anyone else. Leon chose to see the best in every situation and in every person. None of his co-workers ever heard him say anything derogatory about the people he knew. Leon always saw the rainbow, never the storm.

Every morning Leon arrived early enough to open the office and make coffee for all of his fellow co-workers. Always there first, in order to serve others. He enjoyed his family of co-workers almost as much as they enjoyed him. Yet even when working with younger, stronger, faster crews, Leon would still be going when those young, strong, fast folks were completely exhausted. He was seen actually skipping out to his car after a 12 hour shift.

Leon not only cared about his co-workers, he cared about his customers as well. He knew when his phone rang at 3:00 AM that somebody was in need of his talents. Each and every time he always responded with a smile.

Speaking of his smile, Leon had the sweetest of all smiles, extending a soft handshake to complete each greeting. He loved to laugh and to make others laugh, telling stories and tales of his childhood life and family. He was so proud of his wife and family. His whole face lit up when he spoke of them and smiled, and you couldn't help but to smile back.

One of Leon's favorite things to say was that "Everything will be alright", and he was usually correct. When he had been injured at work and asked for a band-aid when he needed stitches, he was quick to say that "Everything will be alright". Even when the occasional irate customer directed their misguided anger at the man who was there to help them, he would reassure them with those four words. Soon they would come around to the realization that, because Leon was there, everything really would be alright.

 When Leon knew that his time was short, and that Jesus was calling him home, he still insisted that everything would be alright. Because it wasn't just that Leon lived his life well, it was the sweet spirit, the calming peace and the way he unconditionally loved others. It was genuine, sincere and intentional how Leon treated all people. A reflection of how God loves us. How He wants us to treat each other.

Leon will be missed by his family and friends. The morning routine at the office just isn't the same without his gentle presence. Our loss is heaven's gain. May God grant us His grace and comfort, knowing that Leon is safe, whole and home, waiting to greet us with his sweet smile when we see him again.

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