Emergency Preparedness

How to Protect Your Business

A Disaster Preparedness Plan tailored to your business is not complete without a plan to minimize business interruption and make sure the business is prepared when disaster strikes.  Metro Disaster Specialists has developed and implemented a disaster restoration program titled the Prepared Response in Managed Emergencies (“PRIME”) Program.  The PRIME Program provides low-cost opportunity for business owners to minimize business interruption losses and control the cost of restoring business operations.  Through the PRIME Program, Metro will inspect a business’s facilities, equipment, and operations; make recommendations for preventing potential problems; and begin gathering data and information about the business allowing it to better serve the business with a fast response.

Member Advantages

Perhaps the biggest advantage to PRIME members is the money saved by reducing your business’s downtime.  PRIME members do not have the worries or delays involved with locating an emergency response company, assessing its qualifications and availability, and obtaining the desired response during a crisis.  By the time you have been able to make this important decision, Metro Disaster Specialists will already be on site with all of your company’s information, the names and phone numbers of your specialized suppliers and trusted business partners, and a prudent course of action – all determined before disaster ever strikes!

The Prepared Response in Managed Emergencies (“PRIME”) Program provides risk managers, property managers, and business owners the best possible guidance in preparing for unforeseen emergencies.  All owe it to themselves to minimize business interruption and make sure their businesses are ready when disaster strikes.  With over 32 years of restoration experience and the PRIME Program, Metro Disaster Specialists will be there to quickly get you back in business.

Call Metro today at 855-METRO-79 to find out more about becoming a PRIME member, or DOWNLOAD the PRIME BROCHURE.


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You did an excellent job! - Phyllis Storthz, Property Manager, Supreme Properties, Inc.
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Mr. Ricky is the nicest man. Tell him thanks so much again! - Cynthia Henderson, Academy at Riverdale
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